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Nancy van Overveldt


2021 - 2022 - Solo exhibition of Nancy van Overveldt - in the Museum ''Museo Morelense de Arte Contemporáneo Juan Soriano'' (MMAC), in Cuernavaca Mexico.

Read the different articles written by the Mexican press about the exhibition and the opening:


Diplomat Magazine:

Itzel Barragán García | Art critic and contributer to ‘Orígenes’.

Alejandra Saldaña – Translator.

Only three years after the passing away of the Dutch Mexican painter Nancy van Overveldt and as a homage to her extraordinary career as an artist, the exhibition “Paths of a Life: between Mexico and Holland” was shown between April 5th to May 31st at the Embassy of Mexico in The Netherlands.

Born in 1930 in The Hague Nancy Overveldt studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After spending a year in Paris, she left for Mexico in 1952. This stunning country with high altitudes and bright light had a major impact on the development of her work. The many lives she lived in this South American country full of absurdity and magic are portrayed in naive realist and impressionist paintings. Later she went on to work with linear movements of water, fire and air. In 1974 she started painting transformations: large canvases with colored, ever-changing forms that seem to fly like a bird out of the painting. In Mexico, she is well known through her exhibitions, for example the Palacio de Bellas Artes and various galleries in Mexico City.Her work has been exhibited internationally in many cities including New York, London and Amsterdam.

Nancy van Overveldt, the Dutch but nationalized mexican painter, celebrated last Tuesday evening, the opening of her exposition of paintings – oil on canvas – in Gallery Chapultepec, Niza 66.


Since already 19 years, the painter resides in our country and during that time, she has been hardously working to aquire a different style, changing her ideas, colors and forms, till she finally succeeds in developing an own style of painting, based on aquiring a harmonic balanced order of the complicated rhythms that arise in her paintings.

“One of the most representative paintings that represent this idea is the canvas named “fishes”, where an individual squeme of colors and rhythms is established, and whereby the fishes are subordinaed to the colors and rhythms till a harmony between all the elements is reached”.

She has had various expositions of her work in our capital, Mexico City, and in other provinces of Mexico. Her work has travelled to The United States, Belgium, and The Netherlands, where art critics commented positively on her work. The Gallery Director, Mrs. Maria Guadalupe Solórzano informs us that this exhibition will be on till the 29th of this month.

Mexico City, 8th of June, 1972.

Collective pictorial exhibition

Last Tuesday a coctail was served in honour of the inauguration of the collective pictoric exhibition in the well known Gallery in the streets of Niza, Mexico City. Oil on canvas of Nancy van Overveldt, drawings of Fernando Tamés, and acrilics of Fidel Cupus Nava, were the art works admired by the visitors. Lots of very well known personalities were present in this event.

Last photo & comment:
Nancy van Overveldt received positive comment on her work, among others from Mr. Alejandro Hazaz.

On soundcloud- with Alejandra Saldaña on April 19, 2019 in Amsterdam.


In the exhibition about Angela Gurría in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Morelos Guernavaca, Mexico, three portraits of Angela Gurría and her familiy, made by Nancy van Overveldt were displayed


Exhibition: Espiral Perfecta - Tribute to Angela Gurría


(November 2019)

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