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The mission of the Nancy van Overveldt Foundation is to promote the pictorial legacy of artworks from the Dutch-Mexican artist in the Netherlands and abroad.

In the spirit of advancing social and cultural-educational projects, the Foundation seeks to aid young artists to express their identity and experiences through paint and stories.


Nancy passed on from this physical realm in 2015, but her spirit lives on immortalized through her paintings made during her colorful and tumultuous life in

The Netherlands, Paris and Mexico.


The vision of the Nancy van Overveldt Foundation is to enhance the broader understanding of being between cultures through inspired artistic expression.

Through Nancy’s drawings, paintings and stories, we wish to inspire young people, as Nancy always thrived to do. For seven years she worked as an art teacher in a boys orphanage in México-city. Nancy was touched by the creativity and talents of those boys and wanted to help them to develop their talents.

At that time Nancy realized that she wanted to support young talented people.

For an overview of the projects the Foundation supports, click here

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