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Linen sustainaible bags with a Nancy van Overveldt design



We want to remember Nancy, a beautiful and spiritual woman. Who was gifted with an authentic style in creating unique artworks. As a family we proudly celebrate what Nancy has achieved in life and wish to continue promoting her artistic and pictorial legacy, and share it with a worldwide audience. And last but not least, we wish to inspire young people, as Nancy always tried to do. For seven years she worked as an art teacher in a boys orphanage in México-city. Touched by their creativity and talents, she helped them further develop their skills. This was the moment when Nancy realized she wanted to support young talented people who had neither the means in life to grow or start a profession. She supported various young people in Mexico and Guatemela through the organization ''Onze Lieve Weeskinderen'' and remained involved in their careers.


Nancy passed on from this physical realm in 2015, however, in our hearts she is ever present. Her spirit lives on immortalized through her paintings made during her colorful and tumultuous life in Mexico and the Netherlands.

It was Nancy's dream to exhibit her work in cultural intistutions and museums in the Netherlands and abroad. To support this dream and her legacy we are raising funds to publish a catalogue about the life and artwork of Nancy with unique images, pictures and written testimonals from renowned artists.


To publish the catalogue our goal is to collect 4000 euro. We really appreciate any donations you wish to make.

In case you are interested in buying a catalogue and/ or want to make a donation, please contact us and we will register your name to the list for the catalogue.



If  you have a original painting of Nancy van Overveldt and would like to receive a Certificate of Authenticity, please contact us.


Please find here the requirements and costs concerning the Certificate of Authenticity.

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