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From a young age Nancy showed great talent and creativity in visual arts and despite her timid nature, she succeeds in expressing herself through her drawings. These drawings mark the beginning of a successful artistic career, the reason why it is an honour to exhibit them for the first time and show in a more profound way, her artistic work.


Only some of the drawings have a reference and title written by the artist herself. However due to the style they reflect and the coherence of her work in relation to her personal history, it is certain that they were made in the period between 1943 and 1946, when Nancy was 13 to 16 years old, and lived with her parents and sister in Wassenaar, the Netherlands. It was a period when she used to sign her work with her paternal surname: “Scheffer”.


These drawings are unique pieces, since they speak about the personal life and interests of Nancy, long before becoming a professional artist, that in the process decides to change her artist’s name to “Nancy van Overveldt”, her maternal surname, by which she signs her work from then on. Always inspired by her context and experiences of her surroundings, some of the drawings speak to us about the war atmosphere in the Netherlands.


The quality in the artist’s drawings is evident, since they show us interesting compositions with correct and real dimensions. Some of the drawings give us an insight in her interest in the Greek mythology. Another interesting detail in some of the drawings are the dark-skinned figures, with a Mediterranean expression as a reference or a premonition of a world, that without knowing it, Nancy would discover and love till the end of her life: Mexico.

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