During her life in Mexico, Nancy van Overveldt discovered and experimented a completely different world than her native one, where she had come from. Mexico, a country of brilliant light, colourful and great dimensions, where people live their lives in a passionate way.

Eager to discover this new world, Nancy immersed herself with this new world in such an intimate way, that it becomes her source of inspiration, and inspiring her to express her life experiences in pieces of art, in beautiful paintings, that arise as the result of an organic process, in which the colours and shapes appear on the canvas from a pure sense of rhythm and dimensions, without being conceived beforehand. As time passed, this process offered her the possibility to develop and define a personal style in which we can appreciate magic realism, compositions of the absurd, and impressionistic figures in purely Mexican scenes.   


During the 25 years that she lived in Mexico, Nancy immersed herself in the artistic movement of the time, muralists such as, Rufino Tamayo, Diego Rivera, and getting to know great sculptors like Angela Gurria, with whom she developed a great friendship and with Mathias Goeritz, with whom she worked together. She succeeds in positioning herself in the artistic world of Mexico, exhibiting her work in renown art houses as the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Galería Antonio Souza, Galería Chapultepec.


Nancy was part of and member for more than 40 years of the artistic group of the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana.  


For Nancy van Overveldt, Mexico became an inseparable element of her being, since all that she experienced in this country, became her source of inspiration.

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NVO1B._Woman and child 1953
NVO1H. Woman in the woods 1963
NVO1. Parc of Chapultepec 1960
NVO1N Pueblo -1952
NVO1K. Dancer in red 1952
NVO1M. Two Women 1951
NVO1L. Mexico 1951
NVO1E. Mexican party 1966
NVO1F. Red woman in landscape 1961
NVO1D. Impossible dance 1954
NVO1C. Musicians in Mexico 1969
B134416. Coyotes 1952
B134395. The party 1966
B134371. The Prophet 1960
B134374. The lady in black 1968