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Once again influenced by her surroundings and context, the artistic work of Nancy van Overveldt changes when she returns to Wassenaar, The Netherlands in the early seventies.

Her inner journey and the Dutch seasons heralded a period of transformation which is reflected in her work. Back to the world where she grew up, and in contrast to everything she saw and lived in Mexico, she uses her new experiences to portray the Dutch landscape. Representations full of dynamism and movement. The elements water, fire and wind make their appearance on the canvas, like metaphors related to the tcolourful life of the artist, Nancy van Overveldt. In these paintings we see canvases full of color, but with clear expression towards the transformative. Forms merge into others, typically clouds, horsemen, horses and bulls. Often packs of birds appear to fly out of the canvas.


After moving to Lelystad her paintings becomes more mathematical. Expanding from a central perspective a refined layering appears in her painting technique, which is reminiscent of fractals.


From the start of the ‘80s she finds a new voice, that resounds until the end of her life, in which the horizon becomes the center of her inspiration. During this period her  paintings  show a clear focal point on the canvas, from which round and pointed phenomenon grow explosively and dramatically in a spiral form, towards the edges of the paintings, and beyond.  Inspired by the landscapes in the surroundings of Lelystad, Nancy gives form to farmlands, wind and solar rays.


The constant in her work is a clear attempt of the artist to narrate her experiences through form, colors and rhythm.   

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